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China’s stress test: we favour Essilor, Luxottica and Hugo Boss!

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August Thursday 27, 2015

The global markets’ turmoil caused by the China stock slump has led to significant profit-takings amongst our Consumer sample. Hence we highlight three stocks (EI, BOSS and LUX) with which investors could benefit from attractive entry points to invest on groups which: (i) posted reassuring performances in Greater China and in other emerging markets, (ii) have a favourable geographical exposure (Europe, US) and (iii) have a clear and proven MT strategy. Unsurprisingly, we favour our two Q3 top picks, namely Essilor (Buy – FV: EUR126) and Hugo Boss (Buy – FV: EUR128), and also Luxottica (Buy – FV: EUR64) whose share came back on appealing levels for a MT investment horizon.