CES 2018 - artificial intelligence takes control

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas it was all about the “cockpit of the future” and AI. In this report we round up the most significant developments in the auto and semiconductor industries that we saw during our visit to CES 2018.

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Cells of the body under a microscope. Viruses in the body. Research of stem cells. Cellular Therapy and Regeneration. 3d illustration on a medical theme

Advancing therapies: review of the most important oncology and haematology treatments in 2017

In our latest healthcare white paper, we review game-changing developments in oncology and haematology treatments, with a specific focus on immuno-oncology drugs and CAR-T therapies.

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Industry 4.0 concept, smart factory with icon flow automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

Playing catchup: how digitilization will impact european utilities

The energy industry is in flux as utilities scramble to adapt to digitalization, major shifts in the energy mix and the rise of storage systems. In this paper we analyze what these trends mean for incumbents and look ahead to the future of the European energy market.

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Healthcare market update - January 2018

In our latest healthcare sector report we look at the recent transactions and mega deals in the healthcare sector.

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