Hydrogen event - podcast replay

On Monday 22 June, Bryan, Garnier & Co hosted a virtual webinar about the Hydrogen market, attended by over 130 participants across Europe and the US, to explore the future of this very promising energy carrier. Key note speakers Mark Russell (CEO) and Dhillon Sandhu (Strategic Projects), Nikola Motor and Laurent Carme (CEO), McPhy discussed their vision of the future and why now is the time for hydrogen to realize its potential as the leading solution for the transition towards a carbon-free world.

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Medical cannabis in Western Europe

In this paper, we explore the reasons behind the growth of cannabis as a therapeutic substance and we explore the dynamics and developments in European medical cannabis, with a particular focus on Germany, Europe’s leading cannabis market.

The global cannabis market is evolving from an illegal and mainly recreational market dominated by drug cartels to a legal medical and recreational market in the hands of public and private companies.

Western Europe boasts some of the world’s fastest-evolving and most significant opportunities in medical cannabis, with countries reassessing their restrictions as public support for legalization grows and commercial and social benefits become apparent.

Existing medical cannabis markets such as Germany, Italy and the Netherlands are expanding their programs whilst new medical markets like the UK, France and Spain are reviewing current legislation. And the seeds of a second wave of growth to allow recreational adult use of cannabis are being planted.

Western Europe is on track to become the world’s largest legal medical cannabis market over the next ten years, projected to be worth EUR15.3bn in 2029, up 60x from EUR250m in 2019. Germany, the leading European medical market, is expected to grow to EUR4.9bn by 2029 from EUR210m in 20191. In this paper, we examine the dynamics and developments in European medical cannabis, with a detailed look at the German market.

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