Game-changing technologies to meet the climate challenge

Concern over the environment is higher than ever. Yet, current data on greenhouse gas emissions relies on delayed, self-reported, and biased estimates. Our latest white paper on climate tech explores the technologies that have improved emissions monitoring, potentially enabling a reduction in GHG emissions as big as the combined carbon footprint of Germany and France.

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Global Warming concept

Climate tech

Concern over the environment is higher than ever. As populations grow and economic development progresses, the risks of global warming and pollution will only increase.

Both the Kyoto protocol in 1997 and the Paris agreement in 2015 contain commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to limit the impact of global warming. However, there are huge hurdles to overcome to reach those targets, one of which is to improve the measurement and monitoring of GHGs.

Improved tools for measuring, verifying, and reporting GHG emissions now make it possible for outside parties to check the reality behind corporate reporting. This has led influential investors such as Blackrock and TCI – and the investment community in general – to be more vocal and to put pressure on corporations to improve their reporting and to reduce their GHG emissions. Designed to prevent the next “Dieselgate”, these new tools have led to a focus on methane emissions, where immediate, actionable and impactful solutions to reduce emissions can be deployed quickly. In this white paper, we discuss why better measurement of emissions is needed in the context of rising pressure from consumers, investors, and policy makers to fight climate change. We explore the technologies that have improved emissions monitoring in recent years, and look at future developments, in particular the powerful combination of data analytics with better data collection from internet of things (IOT) devices and satellites.

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