BG Growth Series – Shark Solutions

BG Growth series - SHARK Solutions

Welcome to the “BG Growth Series”, where entrepreneurs tell us about their inspiring stories, share invaluable insights, and offer practical tips to navigate the growth journey.  

We sat down with Jens Holmegaard, the visionary founder of Shark Solutions, a global pioneer in sustainable PVB products. His journey began with a car – kind of. 

Inside every windshield since 1930 lies a polymer laminate, and a significant portion of it goes to waste every year. Jens Holmegaard asked the obvious question, “Why are we throwing away so much valuable material?” 

Jens, a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark, decided to tackle this challenge head-on and turned it into an opportunity to drive sustainability. Shark Solutions has developed a unique technology that separates the components of windshields, allowing them to be recycled into new products. 

However, the journey to success wasn’t linear. Jens shares his experience and emphasises, the importance of patience, seeking the right partners, and the role persistence plays in the entrepreneurial journey.  

Just like a pilot in a car race, no entrepreneur can succeed alone. Jens tells us about the importance of working with partners and cites Bryan Garnier as a relevant example when it comes to seeking investors. 

Our clients, like Jens, are addressing some of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. Our sector-driven advice, rooted in deep industry knowledge, global perspective, and full-service platform, is designed to accelerate their long-term success. 

Join us in this Episode of the BG Growth Series as we dive into the incredible journey of Jens Holmegaard and Shark Solutions, and discover how faith, persistence, and innovation have resulted in a successful venture working towards building a more sustainable world.