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Digital health: sleep

In the past decade, digital solutions have emerged to help patients manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma, which affect 147 million adults in the United States alone.

Using cognitive, behavioural and psychological methods, these solutions have gained momentum in recent years, buoyed by technological advances and compelling medico-economic evidence that has driven payers to extend coverage. This trend has led to the emergence of successful companies such as Livongo, Omada Health and Big Health.

Digital adoption has now spread to mental health care, especially in relation to sleep. Poor sleep is one of the most common health problems, leading to increased healthcare costs and lost productivity across the world. Evidence of behavioural solutions for sleep problems indicates that annual savings of up to USD1,000 in healthcare costs per patient are possible, which should lead to strong adoption by payers who are early adopters of innovative solutions for driving healthcare costs down.

Finally, we believe that digital solutions will improve our understanding of sleep, which remains one of the “black boxes” of biology. The new generation of accurate and reliable sleep-monitoring wearables will contribute to a better understanding of sleep by enabling big data analysis, and will have potential applications in the early diagnosis of cognitive disorders, treatments and remote monitoring at large scale

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New ways to care for old people

The aging population is opening up opportunities for businesses to provide new models of care.

In Europe, the number of people aged 80+ is expected to double in the coming five decades. Throughout the world, the demand for senior care solutions already outstrips supply. At the same time, seniors are looking beyond traditional nursing homes towards solutions that enable them to live at home for longer.

COVID-19, unprecedented in its scale and brutality, has accelerated the need to transform senior care. In these extraordinary circumstances, senior care operators have mobilized to ensure continuity of care and protect the elderly population. Using expertise gained in the management of annual epidemic crises such as flu or gastroenteric illness, they have thus far been able to manage patients from the very first cases. But this new crisis, which requires drastic containment to protect the most fragile, highlights the urgent need to deploy technologies such as IoT in institutions as well as in homes. It is the spur for these new technologies to take off without delay.

This paper examines alternative models for elderly care that focus on home-based solutions and take advantage of recent technology innovations. We also profile some of the providers in this fast-evolving sector.

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A good time for solidarity dividends

The debate in France about whether dividends should be paid this year is healthy. However, it not only misses crucial nuances about dividends: it could also miss an opportunity for them to help solve our current crisis. In this feature, we argue for “solidarity dividends” to support vulnerable parts of our economy and society.

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Antikörper und Viren

Healthcare market update - October 2019

Concentration in VC funding and lively private placement activity are two of the notable trends picked out in our overview of healthcare finance and developments for September.

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Healthcare market update - September 2019

The healthcare sector shrugged off summer breaks and market volatility with a packed schedule of new fund launches, private placement activity and deal flow.

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Advancing the future of healthcare

From early-stage finance to IPO and beyond, we help the healthcare innovators of today become the leaders of tomorrow. With over 20 years of experience our team of expert investment bankers, equity research analysts and institutional sales people cover the market's key sub-sectors.

So, whether you are a biotechnology company, large cap pharmaceutical, specialty pharma, developer of life science tools, medical technology, work in diagnostics, healthcare IT or in healthcare services, we can help you grow your business.

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Healthcare market update - July 2019

In this month's market round up: US and European healthcare IPO activity returned to growth in a month that also saw significant M&A activity, including moves that further underline the sector’s digitisation.

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Healthcare market update - June 2019

This months’ Healthcare Market Update rounds up what was a busy month for raises in particular, as several biotechs announced Nasdaq IPO plans.

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Healthcare market update - May 2019

In this Healthcare Market Update we look at the state of biotech financing in the US and highight the month’s major developments and transactions.

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Several Non-Proprietary Medicine Prescription Bottles Abstract with Stethiscope

Healthcare market update - April 2019

Our latest Healthcare Market Update looks at changes in the FDA, M&A activity over the past month, pharma pipelines and new drug approvals.

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