BG Healthcare Chart#13 : In Diabetes Care, Roche is losing market share inescapably

Sources: Co. data
News published on October Monday 22, 2012
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  • Following Q3 publications by Roche, J&J and Abbott and before that of Bayer, we have noted a decline in growth rates for all players in the field of Diabetes Care. The results from Bayer should be all the more interesting in that it was the most dynamic player in H1.
  • However, the arguments presented by the groups differ from each other, especially in geographical terms as J&J blames the US whereas Roche puts Europe and emerging countries at the forefront citing price pressure and lower reimbursement rates.
  • What looks obvious in the end is that Roche has been losing market share for several quarters now. The situation was even worse in Q3. Recent launches have not met the group’s expectations.
Martial Descoutures, Equity Healthcare Analyst /  +33 1 56 68 75 18  /
Eric Le Berrigaud, Managing Partner - Equity / +33 1 56 68 75 33 /
Mathieu Chabert, Equity Medtech Analyst / +33 1 56 68 75 18 /

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