Johnson & Johnson : Q3 read across for European companies

News published on October Wednesday 17, 2012
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  • Yesterday J&J presented its results for the third quarter. Sales achieved USD17.1bn, up 6.5% vs 2011. The main read across for European pharmaceuticals companies relates to the sales of Zytiga in prostate cancer. In the quarter, Zytiga achieved sales of USD265m. Year to date Zytiga achieved USD697m in sales. 75% of the post-chemo patients are treated with Zytiga compared to 40% in the previous quarter (Zytiga is currently approved to treat chemotherapy-refractory patients). Today, the company is expecting an answer from the FDA for chemo-naïve patients in December. During the conference call the company underlined that the chemo-naïve population represented about 30% of the US market. Today Zytiga is the main competitor to Jevtana from Sanofi that has been postponed to a later stage of the disease as a consequence of this new competition.
  • Concerning Xarelto, sales were not disclosed. However, during the conference call, J&J underlined that Xarelto has overtaken Pradaxa and is now capturing 53% of the new to brand share of the novel oral anti-coagulants in patients with atrial fibrillation. This trend is positive for Bayer which will report quarterly results later this month.
  • A word also about Diabetes Care, where J&J competes with Roche. The diabetes care business posted a decline in sales by 4.2% (cc) in the third quarter of 2012 with the US business down 3% due to a decline in both mail order and hospital sales. These results are above what Roche reported (admittedly because of price pressures in countries like Germany or emerging markets and because new products take time to ramp up), which suggest that the Swiss company is losing market share.
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