NicOx launches its first product with AdenoPlus

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News published on October Monday 22, 2012
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  • NicOx has announced the launch of its product wi th AdenoPlus in the Uni ted States . The product is the fi rst and only FDA-approved diagnos tic test for the diagnosis of acute conjunctivi tis . AdenoPlus was taken under license by NicOx from RPS in June 2012 and NicOx is responsible for the commercialization to eye care professionals while RPS kept the rights to commercialize to primary and urgent care professionals. AdenoPlus is also approved in Europe and other countries and NicOx is currently focusing on securing reimbursement for the product.
  • This achievement represents the fi rs t milestone in NicOx' new s trategy to become a commercial company focused on ophthalmology. As a reminder, wi th Bausch and Lomb (B+L), NicOx is developing a ni tric oxide donating latanaprost coumpond which is due to enter phase III in coming months. BOL-303 has shown attractive resul ts in a phase 2b trial. At the same time, NicOx is to continue i ts external growth strategy with targeted acquisitions thanks to i ts solid cash position.
  • We derive a EUR3 Fair Value from a sum of the parts
  • M&A activities
Mathieu Chabert,

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