Nicox: Bausch and Lomb entering phase III with latanoprostène bunod

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News published on January Tuesday 29, 2013
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NicOx and Bausch and Lomb (B+L) announced today the start of a phase III programme for latanoprostène bunod (ex NCX116 and BOL-303259-X). Two phase IIIs, APOLLO and LUNAR, will enroll 800 patients and compare intro ocular pressure (IOP) reduction and the safety profile of once-daily latanoprostène bunod versus twice daily Timolol. We believe that the study design looks favourable as the investigational compound will be compared with Timolol, a pretty old drug, whereas a study versus Xalatan (Pfizer), the active component of latanoprostène bunod, could have been more challenging.

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