EDF announces the IPO of EDF Luminus

BUY, Fair Value EUR21 (+21%)
News published on October Wednesday 14, 2015
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EDF, which owns a 62.3% stake in EDF Luminus, announced this morning its intention to list on the Brussels stock exchange by the end of the year its Belgium subsidiary, notably to allow the Belgian shareholders of the group to sell their stakes (Publilec, Publilum, Socofen, VEH and Ethias and Nethys own all combined 37.7%). In compliance with the shareholder pact signed in 2010 by minority shareholders, shareholders had two market opportunities (one in 2015 and one in 2018) to sell their shares in EDF Luminus. While minorities were looking for a more traditional move, EDF Luminus’ board opted for an IPO to create value for remaining shareholders (EDF). Positive.

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