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Genmab: The saga goes on! (report to be released)

BUY, Fair Value DKK1600 vs. DKK1450 (+46%)
News published on
June Tuesday 21, 2016

We raise our FV from DKK1,450 to DKK1,600 following a roadshow with Jan van de Winkel (CEO), and after increasing our peak sales for daratumumab in multiple myeloma from EUR6.5Bn to EUR8.9Bn. The compound is so potent that we now believe: 1/ it could be used for several years in earlier lines of treatment; 2/ the first Phase III data involving newly diagnosed patients could be available a year earlier (assuming the trial is stopped early due to strong benefits). Plus, we see potential for extension to other malignancies (including solid tumours) as significant free options. BUY reiterated.

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