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Korian: Feedback CMD: Ready for action, but delivering results will take time

NEUTRAL, Fair Value Under Review
News published on
September Monday 19, 2016

Confirming the group’s position as a full senior care provider with existing business (i.e nursing Homes, Geriatric clinics, Home Care and Service flats), new management presented and quantified its 2021 strategic plan. The latter is defined by a focus on five main levers: 1-organic growth, 2-improvement of current operating results, 3-higher investment in human ressources, 4-more dynamic real estate management, and 5-medical innovation and digital solutions and 15 key projects. Overall, the 2021 strategic plan sounds credible. The plan/group is finally in working order, but most measures have yet to be implemented and positive impacts on results will take some time objectively announced by the management. We are confirming our opinion. Fair Value under review.

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