Capital Markets

Derivatives Sales & Trading

In 2011, Bryan Garnier & Co developed its derivative activity, advising clients on investment decisions by tailor-made research notes and trading ideas covering  equity derivatives (options & futures) synthetic products, fixed income and foreign exchange.

Caution, Reach and Transparency

Because BG does not trade for its own account, market counter-parties trust and value the transparency of its business flow. The global volume of transactions entrusted to us by institutional clients exceeded €4 billion in 2011. Our clients have unprecedented access to detailed information on industries and companies. Our comprehensive database on growth companies across Europe has been designed so that:

  • All financial models are presented in a uniform and transparent format which can be accessed externally or e-mailed to clients.
  • Supporting assumptions are explicitly disclosed by reference to either management communications or our own observations of industry-wide trends.
  • Our independent status means Sales and Trading teams can react with greater speed, provide more timely advice on days when a share price is adjusting to a significant change in market expectations.

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