Bryan, Garnier & Co is always looking for talent in all our divisions, at all levels. 

Working at Bryan, Garnier & Co

Our growth and future success is built upon the intelligence, talent, dedication, and personalities of our team members. We are committed to professional excellence and to the people who make it happen. We invest in individuals because we believe and trust in their ability to flourish in our partnership and the culture of our firm. Our role is to broaden their shoulders, to encourage their creative thinking and to be the best they can be at what they do. 

The employees who join us are:

  • Effective communicators who see the world as their clients do 
  • Creative – but practical and enthusiastic problem solvers
  • Interested in people as well as in concepts
  • Sensitive to cultural and political issues
  • Energetic achievers who enjoy overcoming obstacles 
  • Lead a full life with interests away from their work.

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Current Healthcare Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for a variety of Healthcare positions in our Paris office including Directors and Vice Presidents. Join our award winning team! 

Our Investment Banking Positions

Our Investment Banking practice focuses on the Technology, Healthcare, Consumer and Business Services sectors. The team is made up of seasoned investment bankers from a broad variety of backgrounds and international experience including former venture capitalists from the industries which we focus on. 


Current Equity Sales & Research Positions

Bryan, Garnier & Co’s Equity department is made up of an Equity Research team of more than 20 people organised by sector practice and another 20 people who are in charge of selling this research and executing investors' stock market orders. This team of people is based in Paris, London and New York. We always looking for new talent.

Current Internship Offerings

Working as an intern will give you the opportunity to develop your business and finance skills in a fast paced and dynamic environment where you will work directly on a broad variety of financial transactions.

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Bryan, Garnier & Co is always looking for talent in all our divisions, at all levels
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