Investment Management

Bryan, Garnier & Co’s Investment Management businesses comprise a set of activities, each highly-focused and tailored to serve the specific needs of their respective clients with customized investment advice and management expertise.

Backed by the strength and stability of the group, our Investment Management activities serve institutional, retail and high net worth investors all over Europe. The ownership structure of our Investment Management divisions are designed to maintain the independence we believe is necessary to retain our commitments to client focus and investment excellence.


Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management activties offer a wide range of investment solutions reflecting the various needs and preferences of our clients – entrepreneurs and families- to maintain their wealth over time. We manage sector specific mandates across asset classes as well as multi-asset class strategies.  We manage the family’s assets in a tailor made mode respecting specific needs and goals.

Fund Management

Bryan Garnier Asset Management has established an expertise primarily in absolute return funds; the investment strategy of BGAM aims at a low correlation with equity indices.

Principal Investments

Bryan Garnier & Co Principal Investments leverages the resources of Bryan, Garnier & Co’s leading European growth companies franchise to seek significant capital appreciation through direct investments.


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