In 2023, our Healthcare practice maintained its position as the leading European Healthcare Growth ECM investment bank, advising landmark transactions such as the record-breaking USD236m Nasdaq IPO of French Biotech Abivax, the EUR875m tender offer by Boiron, and the SEK 462m Combined offering for Egetis Therapeutics on Nasdaq Stockholm.

As we look forward to an eventful 2024, our teams are directing their focus on specific subsectors. This effort is aimed at persistently supporting innovators and contributing to the evolution of European Healthcare growth financing.

Our Healthcare Activity Report provides a comprehensive market analysis of 2023 with key data, as well as projections for 2024.

Some topics we cover in this report include:

  • The Pulse of Pharma and Biotech
  • MedTech needs to buckle up
  • Shifting Tides in CDMO and Private Care Centres
  • Positive healthcare case studies

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