Derivatives Sales & Trading

Bryan, Garnier & Co established its derivatives practice in 2011, advising clients on investment decisions with tailored research notes and trading ideas covering equity derivatives (options and futures), synthetic products, fixed income and foreign exchange.

Caution, reach and transparency

Because we do not trade on our own account, market counter-parties trust and value the transparency of our business flow. Our clients have unprecedented access to detailed information on industries and companies. Our comprehensive database on growth companies across Europe has been designed so that:

  • All financial models are presented in a uniform and transparent format which can be accessed externally or e-mailed to clients
  • Supporting assumptions are explicitly disclosed by reference to either management communications or our own observations of industry-wide trends.

Our independent status means sales and trading teams can react with greater speed, provide more timely advice on days when a share price is adjusting to a significant change in market expectations.