Corporate Research

Our size and sector specialisms mean that Bryan, Garnier & Co is ideally positioned to provide a focused and insightful research offer. Corporates benefit from in-depth sector expertise and an emphasis on mid-caps, plus a service that goes beyond research to encompass targeted access to investors. Investors get valuable insight into both growth companies and their sectors.

Sector specialism

Coverage from sector experts not only offers a depth of knowledge, but it also means we can deliver a valuable “read across” the sector as a whole and from a global perspective, uncovering more connections and insights. This in-depth focus has led to our opinions being trusted and valued by clients.

Mid-cap focus

While other institutions cover mid-cap companies with generalist teams, Bryan, Garnier & Co brings partner-level insight with a strong focus on mid-caps and their position in their sector. We can help growth companies understand how established players are thinking about specific issues, which gives management teams a complete picture.

Wide range of publications

As well as single-name reports, we also publish white papers, transactional reports and sector reports to offer a greater breadth of insight for corporates and investors.

High-quality relationships

Our service for corporates goes beyond research to encompass access to North American and European investors, high-quality roadshows, conferences and meeting feedback, creating targeted opportunities for valuable relationship-building.