In 2023, numerous consumer businesses faced persistent challenges, despite showing positive signs of recovery. Raw materials, transport and marketing costs cooled off towards the end of the year, along with the stabilisation in interest rates. 

Many companies adapted their operations to thrive in a demanding environment, prompting a gradual return of investors who sought to inject capital and generate healthy returns, particularly into businesses with solid track records and growth potential. 

Bryan Garnier’s NextGen Consumer practice remains focused on specific subsectors that are both sizeable and growing. 

Our NextGen Consumer Report provides a comprehensive market analysis of 2023 with key data, as well as projections for 2024. 

Some topics we cover in this report include: 

  • Unleashing the power of recommerce 
  • The visionary horizon: growth and consolidation in the optical retail landscape 
  • Cultivating organic growth in the health and wellness food & beverages sector 
  • Blurring boundaries between personal care & consumer healthcare 

Get the report and stay ahead of the curve. 

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