PARIS ­| LONDON | February 14th, 2023
Bryan, Garnier & Co technology equity research team is pleased to release A vibrant market for M&A: Engineering and R&D Services Update which takes a deep dive in market drivers, valuation issues and M&A in the Engineering and R&D Services industry. 

Though the economic slowdown is here, the Engineering and R&D Services market has solid demand drivers in all industries thanks to structural changes pushing organisations to accelerate innovation: Industry 4.0, the will to reduce dependence on certain countries or certain suppliers, the implementation of sovereignty programmes, and the impact of environmental policies. Valuation multiples for listed Engineering and R&D Services firms look to have reached a trough, and players in this market have never been so cheap since 2019 and 2015-2016. In parallel, there is a vibrant market for M&A and private equity investment: the consolidation game is ongoing, and an increasing number of private and PE-backed Engineering and R&D Services firms are building up through acquisitions.

Bryan Garnier’s latest white paper reviews the business opportunities in the Engineering and R&D Services sector, as well as challenges for the industry. Read this report to learn about the key trends that will shape the Engineering and R&D services market, and understand why we consider the currently low valuation multiples in the Engineering and R&D Services industry provide further opportunities for M&A. Contact your Bryan Garnier representative if you would like to speak to the author, Gregory Ramirez.