The year 2022 presented significant economic challenges, including geopolitical crises, inflation resurgence, the end of easy monetary policies, and soaring energy prices. These factors, combined with the war in Ukraine, resulted in the most severe equity and bond market declines witnessed in a generation. As a consequence of the market correction, the SPAC boom came to an end, leaving numerous growth companies struggling to survive due to their inability to raise capital, despite meeting their growth targets.

Despite these turbulent conditions, the bank successfully shifted its focus in equity fundraising towards the private markets, leveraging its capability to provide clients with access to US capital. This strategic move led to a doubling of revenues in this area of the business. The bank’s strong performance in these sectors compensated for a decline in ECM activity, enabling it to outperform its competitors in the bulge-bracket investment banking sector, where revenues were down by 30-50% across the board. The strengthened pan-European presence of Bryan Garnier empowered the company to concentrate on regions where it can generate value.

Bryan Garnier’s full-service platform allowed for a shift towards more profitable markets and continued expansion of its team. The addition of managing directors across various groups, including private placement, healthcare, energy transition, business and tech-enabled services, as well as debt and equity-linked capabilities, contributed to the company’s growth. In 2022, the company’s M&A teams executed 38 transactions, up from 33 the previous year, resulting in over a 40% increase in revenues in this unit. This accomplishment further solidified the company’s leadership in mid-market M&A, particularly in technology and software sectors. Additionally, Bryan Garnier reinforced its BG IRIS team with over 20 analysts who consistently discover disruptive and investable themes within healthcare and technology-related sectors, providing clients with valuable, evidence-based insights.

The company’s commitment to a holistic approach in every transaction and at each stage of a company’s development has yielded exceptional results for its clients in 2022.