We had the opportunity to sit down with investors and company leaders at Tech Tour Growth 50 to give their advice to entrepreneurs.

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey can be likened to planting a seed and nurturing it into a thriving tree – a journey of growth and evolution. While the allure of overnight success may be tempting, it’s crucial to recognise that true success often comes perseverance, resilience, and commitment to a vision.

The path to success is rarely linear; it’s filled with twists, turns, and unforeseen obstacles. Therefore, it’s essential to cultivate a mindset of resilience and adaptability, seeing challenges as growth opportunities and failures as valuable lessons.

“Go and get some fundamental understanding of the real world… not just understanding surface topics, but how the world functions.”
Jussi Palola, CEO at Virta

Continuous learning and self-improvement are indispensable for entrepreneurs. The landscape of business is ever-changing, and staying ahead requires a commitment to ongoing education and skill development. It’s important to remain open to new perspectives to navigate entrepreneurial complexities effectively.

Entrepreneurship transcends commitment to a vision; it’s about continuously refining and adapting that vision as you learn and grow. Be open to feedback, iterate on your ideas, and be willing to pivot when necessary. The ability to evolve and innovate is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart.

“Major on content and develop really deep relationships.”
Anne Glover, CEO at Amadeus Capital Partners

Entrepreneurship is not a solitary endeavour. Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, advisors, and fellow entrepreneurs who can offer guidance, encouragement, and invaluable insights. Collaboration and community are powerful catalysts for success in the entrepreneurial journey.

Ultimately, entrepreneurs should embrace the growth journey wholeheartedly. Success may not happen overnight, but with resilience, continuous learning, a clear sense of purpose, and a willingness to adapt and collaborate, a path to entrepreneurial success can be carved out.

“Take others’ glasses… put yourself in the shoes of the other.”
Julien Hodara, CEO & Co-Founder at Libon

Bryan Garnier is committed to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit that promotes personal and professional growth at every level.

Our clients are a source of inspiration, which means that every employee has an entrepreneurial approach to their work. Our bankers leave no stone unturned and seek the best growth strategies for our clients by providing expert advisory services. Whether it is choosing between private and public capital, which exchange to list on, managing dual tracks and alternative processes, we focus on achieving growth through our full-service offering.

The companies featured in this video:

Evonik Venture Capital is the corporate venture capital arm of Evonik Industries AG, one of the world’s leading providers of specialty chemicals.

Junction Growth Investors is a long-term, sustainable investment fund (art 9, SFDR) focused on non-listed European SMEs and scale-ups that play a crucial role in the energy transition.

Amadeus Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in European high-technology companies.

Enginzyme is a technology platform for chemical production whose ambition is to play a key role in climate change.

Virta provides leading-edge smart charging services for EV drivers and companies alike. 

Libon is a premium super-app that allows users to access a multitude of services to stay connected and provide for their families.

Huma is a global digital health company powering ‘hospital at home’ virtual care, DCTs and digital companion apps.

EfficientIP is a network security and automation company, specializing in DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI).