Paris, April 2nd, 2014 – Bryan, Garnier & Co Limited and Westhouse Securities Limited are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership agreement  for the close collaboration of their respective investment banking activities. The partnership will enable institutional and corporate clients of both firms to benefit from the combined resources of the two firms.

This collaboration will bring together the two group’s offices in London, Paris, New York, Glasgow, Geneva and New Delhi and will provide a broad spectrum of European and UK research to institutional investors whilst also providing access to capital markets across Western Europe and North America for corporate clients. The collaboration provides corporate and financial investors with sector leading ECM and M&A advisory services across these jurisdictions.   Both firms follow a sector specialist model and combined will have a significant presence in the Technology, Media, Life Sciences, Renewables, Investment Funds, Insurance, Support Services, Consumer and Capital Goods, Oil & Gas and Mining sectors amongst others.

Olivier Garnier, Chairman of Bryan Garnier commented: ‘This collaboration is an important step in strengthening our ability to bring high quality, independent research and full capital markets access (Nasdaq, LSE and Euronext) to our corporate and institutional clients. We continue to reinforce our position as a leading independent investment bank serving growth companies in the UK, Europe and internationally. We look forward to working with our partners at Westhouse for the benefit of all our clients.

Christopher Getley, Chief Executive of Westhouse, said:  ‘This agreement enables both Westhouse and Bryan Garnier to serve their corporate and institutional clients better through the availability of wider skills, distribution and resources. As Westhouse continues to grow its franchise in the UK market it is also important that the firm is in a strong position to continue to add value to the majority of its clients who have substantial overseas interests. The two firms share many values and have complementary business lines; all at Westhouse look forward to working together to develop this important relationship.’

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Robert Pfeiffer – Managing Director /

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Westhouse is the corporate and institutional stockbroking subsidiary of Somers Limited, an investment holding company specialising in the financial services sector. At 31 December 2013 Somers had shareholder’s equity of $180.9m. Westhouse employs approximately 55 people in London and Glasgow, has over 70 retained corporate clients and strong relationships with institutions throughout the United Kingdom. Westhouse Securities is authorised and regulated by the FCA, is a member of the London Stock Exchange, a NOMAD for AIM companies and a Sponsor for Official List companies.