Organizations today are embracing technologies such as cloud services and mobile computing to enhance employee productivity, generate new revenue sources and improve operating efficiency.

More broadly, the number of communications is exploding, as is the internet of things (IoT) – and data is everywhere. This emergence of an increasingly distributed IT infrastructure, along with the explosion in its diversity, scale and importance has greatly increased vulnerability to attacks. As a result, cybersecurity has become more critical for governments and corporations alike.

In this paper, we explore the reasons behind the growth of the cybersecurity market. We also look back to the launch of cybersecurity solutions to understand why prevention-based solutions such as antivirus software have failed in the past, examining how the market reacted to that failure with the emergence of detection-based tools such as Endpoint Detection and Response. Finally, we explore how the market is once again changing its paradigm, taking a more proactive stance to fend off cyber threats using Cyber Threat Intelligence and orchestration.

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