KOL call: Idefirix for Kidney Transplantation

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Date: Nov 22th from 2:00pm CET

Join our chat with a European KOL to learn more about the use, adoption, and potential of Idefirix as a desensitization agent in patients undergoing kidney transplantation.

Kidney transplantation is not an option for candidates with high concentrations of donor specific IgG antibodies (DSA). Their only shot at a transplant may be to eliminate DSAs via desensitization. Imlifidase trials showed that, for the first time, a desensitization agent led to rapid and complete antibody depletion, regardless of their initial strength or number. Imlifidase has been approved in Europe (Idefirix).

Idefirix provides a dramatic improvement to desensitization, should ultimately become a mainstay in high-sensitized transplantation, and will not be easily replaced.