Following an insightful interview with BG IRIS Analyst Antoine Lebourgeois, Capucine Cousin penned an article in L’AGEFI shedding light on Elon Musk’s desire to connect smartphones directly to his Starlink network and the possible implications. In this summary, we capture key points from the interview and provide a link to the full article in French. 

Elon Musk wants to revolutionize the telecom sector by connecting smartphones directly to his Starlink network. On Wednesday 3rd January 2024, a SpaceX Falcon rocket delivered a new batch of high-speed satellites. 

Is this a threat to traditional telecom operators? Not really.  

“Satellite operators like Starlink need access to frequency bands to launch their satellites. This means partnering with telecom operators to access them”, notes BG IRIS Analyst Antoine Lebourgeois. Starlink can’t bypass the telcos – it must be able to use their low-bandwidth frequencies and must get the green light from local telecom regulators. 

“For the time being, it’s just a basic service, a sort of emergency service for sending SMS in areas with poor coverage”, continues Antoine Lebourgeois. 

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