PARIS | LONDON | March 14th, 2023 –BG IRIS, Bryan Garnier’s research platform, is pleased to release “Sourcing it up: Growth opportunities in the TIC sector” – an in-depth analysis of the global TIC sector: a resilient market driven by ongoing outsourcing and favorable regulatory trends, as well as poised for accelerating M&A activity.

Bryan Garnier’s latest white paper takes a deep-dive into the Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) sector, which has shown remarkable resilience, growth, and adaptability during the pandemic. We expect growth to accelerate, driven by tailwinds from three secular trends: increasing demand for ESG solutions, industrial relocation, and technological & digital transformation. Mergers and acquisitions are a key strategy for TIC companies to achieve higher growth, with competition from regional competitors and Private Equity firms accelerating M&A activity in the sector.

Discover our latest white paper to gain valuable insights into the TIC sector, make informed investment decisions and find out how mergers and acquisitions can drive growth in this fragmented market with vast opportunities. Contact your Bryan Garnier representative if you would like to speak to the author, Yizhi Long.

Yizhi Long

Investment Banking