Bryan Garnier was pleased to sponsor Tech Tour’s 18th edition of Tech Tour Growth50 held in Paris on 8th February 2024.

The event showcased 50 of Europe’s most promising tech companies in digital, health and sustainability, ensuring their success and impact in the industry. These companies were carefully selected as Europe’s future unicorns with a selection panel of over 90 of the most active VC and growth, highlighting the European tech companies with the biggest growth potential. Among them, 1 award winner in each category was selected during the event.

Congratulations to the winning companies for showing the best growth, investment and unicorn potential!


Designer of microprocessors for European exascale supercomputers, with focus on HPC, AI, medical research, and energy management

DNA Script

Transforming how molecular biology translates to human health, personalized medicine, and synthetic biology

Carbon Clean

An established global leader in industrial carbon capture solutions helping essential, but hard-to-abate, industries decarbonise