In recent months, mental health at work has grown in importance as a theme in business and finance.

The pandemic has boosted interest in companies that can improve psychological wellbeing for employees stressed by isolation and threatened by burnout. The work environment is associated with a great deal of anxiety, and while employees feel that it is a company’s responsibility to look after their wellbeing, too few of them are able to find support from their employers.

Several startups, initially in the US and now in Europe, have identified a clear opportunity and are offering innovative services to meet the needs of employees and managers. These companies combine “traditional” psychological support provided by psychologists and coaches with state of- the art technology that allows for online monitoring of mental health, teleconsultation, online care, and platform-based training and content.

Mental health at work has quickly become a core growth market beyond its narrow healthcare dimension and is now part of the wellbeing/employee benefit segment addressed by world leaders such as Sodexo and Compass. It seems likely that the most promising European companies will attract interest from US pure players that have outgrown their home market, or from diversified domestic players seeking to add mental health to their offering. Do you want to know more about this pan-European EUR 20 billion estimated addressable market? Download our white paper.

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