We had the opportunity to interview Anne Glover, CEO and Co-Founder of Amadeus Capital Partners and a leading figure in the venture capital industry, about why she chose VC and what advice she would give to aspiring entrepreneurs. With 30 years of experience as a venture capitalist and 15 in investment in emerging markets, Anne has much to teach young entrepreneurs. 

Anne Glover’s interview

For many, venture capital emerges as early-stage investors. Reflecting on her journey, Anne sees VC as being more of a partnership than a transaction, focusing on creating value and achieving success regardless of market conditions. 

“Working with the most innovative entrepreneurs on the planet is just fundamentally so exciting, and then translating that into financial success is evidence of how we can change the world, disrupt the world, and deliver returns.”  

Anne suggests that beyond achieving financial success, such partnerships can lead to transformative global impacts and disruptions. This viewpoint underscores how venture capital serves not only to generate returns but also to catalyse substantial changes in industries, reflecting a broader ambition to shape and influence the world through entrepreneurial ventures. 

“It’s still true that you have to master your trade, whether it’s being a venture capitalist or an entrepreneur in a particular sector. It’s not something you can bluff.”  

The venture capital industry is highly cyclical and influenced by external factors. External shocks can come from anywhere, making it impossible to predict market turns. True value creation comes from building great products and finding customers, irrespective of market conditions. 

Anne notes that while Europe’s VC investment ecosystem has become more competitive and offers more choices to entrepreneurs, it still lags behind the US in terms of later-stage development. Developing a robust private sector ladder to support scaling companies is essential. This will allow companies to mature privately before entering public markets, ensuring they can withstand public scrutiny. 

“The venture capital ecosystem has matured significantly over the past few decades. Technologists are now seeing entrepreneurship as a viable outlet for their innovations, which is a fantastic development.”

Anne finds immense satisfaction in seeing companies funded by her firm fundamentally changing industries. The realisation that their support was pivotal to a company’s success provides a profound sense of accomplishment. 

Anne Glover’s journey and insights highlight the importance of vision, persistence, and genuine relationships in venture capital and entrepreneurship. Her experiences serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors, underscoring the transformative power of innovation and collaboration. 

“I think too many people are impatient, constantly checking for immediate results. Instead, we need to nurture the ecosystem, understanding that superior returns will come with time.”