PARIS ­| June 26th, 2024 – BG IRIS, Bryan Garnier’s research platform, is pleased to release “Satcoms’ Muskonomics challenge”, an in-depth analysis exploring the dynamic landscape of satcoms and unveiling the intricate interplay between its main actors.  

This industry brief is an assessment of the satcoms sector amidst the heightened risk of Starlink and Amazon duopolising the industry.

We also dive into three specific areas: 

  • The case for a Starlink-Kuiper duopoly: Learn about how these two satellite giants are poised to dominate satcoms
  • The operators’ strategic stalemate: Explore how established operators are struggling to adapt to this new competition and are increasingly retreating to niche markets
  • Space public & private and transaction activity: Get a glimpse into the current challenges faced by listed space companies

Within this industry brief, we also look at why gigaconstellations are likely to also target non-satellite markets, as well as providing a cost analysis of the different megaconstellations, and discussing the escalating debt costs and diminishing returns on capital of established operators. The report provides a full picture of what is happening in the satcoms sector today.

To dive deep into this topic and discover more about the changes affecting the satcoms market, download the industry brief.

Associate I Paris

Antoine Lebourgeois

Equity Research I Software and IT