BG Growth Series – Boiron

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Boiron is a century old pioneering company in homeopathy, dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and marketing homeopathic medicines. Since 1932, Boiron has been sharing its passion for homeopathy with a compassionate, ecological, and comprehensive approach to medicine. Boiron’s journey is a testament to resilience and a long history of unmatched quality and innovation.

We sat down with the President and Chairman of Boiron to understand his vision and commitment to innovation. His leadership highlights the company’s deep roots in homeopathy with his family founding Boiron over 90 years ago, continuing to drive forward with passion and dedication.

In their latest phase of growth, Boiron sought a partner to continue developing the group internationally and make it a global leader in natural health. Bryan Garnier was selected for their expertise in mergers & acquisitions, debt financing and equity capital markets to support the family shareholders, the management team and the BOIRON Group at every stage of this complex transaction. The team demonstrated an exceptional ability in understanding Boiron’s unique needs and helping to find the right partner to support U.S. expansion – EW Healthcare.

Boiron’s journey showcases a fundamental shift in how we perceive and deliver medicine, providing an alternative that many healthcare professionals and patients worldwide appreciate for its efficacy. With visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, Boiron is poised to continue transforming lives on a global scale with a holistic and ecological approach to medicine.

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