The geopolitical and financial market turbulence seen in 2023 led to instability in the banking system, most dramatically with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in February and Credit Suisse in March. These headwinds triggered a 20-40% reduction in investment banking revenues among the banking peer group. Throughout our 27-year history, the hallmark of Bryan Garnier has been our ability to adapt to changing market conditions. In that respect, 2023 was no exception. 

Bryan Garnier has emerged as a resilient force, achieving significant milestones and advising record setting transactions in the Healthcare, Software & Fintech, Energy Transition & Sustainability, Industrial Tech and NextGen Consumer sectors. In addition to seeing strength across our M&A and growth financing in both private and public markets, we were also delighted with the success of our Debt Capital Advisory business. 

Thanks to our focus on the Healthcare and Technology related sectors, a significant cohort of our clients have a positive Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) impact. Protecting the planet is an important part of our mission, and we attach great importance to our role of providing creative capital-raising solutions to our client base in energy transition and sustainability. 

Our Activity Report provides a comprehensive market analysis of 2023 with key data, as well as outlooks for 2024. 

Some topics we cover in this report include: 

  • MedTech needs to buckle up: Sound strategic advice from sector experts is particularly crucial in the MedTech sector in current market conditions.
  • HR Tech shines: A recent Gallup report on the State of the Global Workplace reveals that 59% of the world’s employees are discreetly disengaging, resulting in an annual cost of approximately USD8.8tn to the global economy. This underscores the imperative for talent-focused solutions, which will undoubtedly continue to attract venture capital and private equity funding.
  • Bio and Alternative Fuels on the rise: This sector is undergoing a transformative phase, shifting from fossil fuels to electrification and renewable options.
  • The inevitable surge in cybersecurity: Companies recognise the imperative of maintaining robust cybersecurity measures to avoid the severe consequences of attacks, including ransoms, litigations, fines, opportunity costs and lasting damage to reputation.
  • A dynamic year for Generative AI: Generative AI triggered an industrial revolution in content creation, personalisation and recommendations. Furthermore, an impressive USD38bn has been invested in AI start-ups over the past 12 months alone.
  • A surge in demand for better-for-you products: The size of the global Health and Wellness F&B market is approximately USD1tn in 2023 and is expected to grow to around USD1.6tn by 2028.

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