Bryan Garnier is pleased to partner with Tech Tour at the 18th edition of the Tech Tour Growth50 Europe Summit in Paris on 8 February. The event will showcase 50 of Europe’s most promising companies with the biggest growth potential in the digital, health, and sustainability sectors.

Tech Tour has announced the 2024 edition of the Tech Tour Growth50 List.

The Growth50 Data reveals positive trends and interest insights for the European tech entrepreneurship and investment scene.

Tech Tour Growth50 Europe 2024 aims to foster collaboration of Europe’s top tech firms in digital, health and sustainability to long-term funding, success and impact. The summit promises a day filled with insights, inspiration, networking and fun.

Find out more about the event on the Tech Tour website.

Select companies from the list

Aleph Alpha is an AI research and application company that researches, develops and operationalises large-scale AI models for language, image data and strategy, thereby contributing to securing Europe’s digital sovereignty.

Mistral AI is a platform that assembles team to develop the generative AI models. It creates and offers innovations for the artificial intelligence industry.

Pasqal builds programmable quantum simulators and quantum computers made of 2D and 3D atomic arrays.

DNA Script was created to revolutionize DNA synthesis with enzymes. Core R&D efforts have produced innovations in enzyme engineering, surface and nucleotide chemistries, and instrumentation.

Impress is a leading chain of orthodontic clinics of a new generation that has revolutionised the invisible orthodontic sector.

Quell Therapeutics is developing next generation engineered T-regulatory cell therapies for a range of solid organ transplant and autoimmune conditions.

Carbon Clean is an established global leader in industrial carbon capture solutions helping essential but hard-to-abate industries decarbonise.

Deepki is leading the way in ESG for real estate owners and accelerating transition towards net zero and sustainability.

Isar Aerospace develops next generation rockets for sustainable access to space for small and medium satellites.