BG Growth Series – CARBIOS

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Embark on the remarkable journey of Carbios, a company revolutionising plastic recycling. We sat down with Emmanuel Ladent, CEO, and Philippe Pouletty, founder and president of the board. They’re charting a course to transform the life cycle of PET plastics, attributing value to what was previously deemed as waste.

The 9 million tons of plastic polluting our oceans annually inspired Carbios to give value to the plastic in its pioneering method, which involves exclusive enzymes that break down PET plastics, converting them into 100% recyclable materials, thereby fostering a circular economy for plastics.

Carbios‘ focus isn’t solely on PET plastics; they’re working on providing enzymatic solutions for other types of plastics, leading the way in radical innovation.

Carbios leaders direct key messages for growth entrepreneurs, including the importance of continuous news flow and timing financial markets.  Act decisively, propel your mission, and articulate your vision clearly.

The company’s approach underscores the significance of seizing opportunities and maintaining continual progress. 

Bryan Garnier has played a pivotal role in supporting Carbios’ mission and successful capital raises, advising Carbios since the outset through 4 successful strategic growth transactions, including the latest €141m capital raise. 

Carbios turned a scientific concept into tangible industrial activity within their demonstration plant. Their ambitions extend to establishing bio-recycling plants worldwide within the next decade. 

Join us in this episode of the BG Growth Series and witness the evolution of plastic recycling as Carbios spearheads sustainable change.