BG Growth Series – Nomadia

Welcome to the “BG Growth Series”, where entrepreneurs tell us about their inspiring stories, share invaluable insights, and offer practical tips to navigate the growth journey. 

We sat down with Fabien Breget, the innovative CEO of Nomadia, whose mission is to help companies overcome their main challenges relative to performance, occupational well-being and a reduced environmental footprint through smart mobility SaaS solutions 

The statistics speak for themselves – companies working with Nomadia have on average a 20-30% reduction in Co2 emissions, which in turn is helping these customers reach their ESG target. 

Nomadia has already proven its success as mobility leader and aspires to become a European reference in the sector over the upcoming years. To achieve this, the company sought a strategic partnership with a Tier 1 fund.

Bryan Garnier played a crucial role in finding the right partner for Nomadia’s growth, offering invaluable advisory services and global investor access.

Join us on this captivating journey and learn how Bryan Garnier contributes to shaping a sustainable future, by partnering with companies like Nomadia. Bryan Garnier’s commitment to long-term success, deep industry knowledge, and global perspective enable companies to accelerate their growth and make a lasting impact. 

Watch this episode of BG Growth Series to learn about Nomadia’s mission and growth journey.