BG Growth Series – Waga Energy

Welcome to the “BG Growth Series”, where entrepreneurs tell us about their inspiring stories, share invaluable insights, and offer practical tips to navigate the growth journey.   

We sat down with Mathieu Lefebvre, Nicolas Paget, Guénaël Prince, three visionary engineers and co-founders of Waga Energy. Their vision? “Biomethane as pillar of the energy transition.”

Waga Energy’s groundbreaking technology – the WAGABOX®, converts landfill gas into biomethane, a carbon-neutral gas which can be used as a renewable substitute for natural gas or injected into the gas grid, offering a sustainable solution for waste management and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Learn about their challenges, their moments of triumph, and their relentless drive to make a difference. Discover how their trust in their team and their shared purpose fueled their success, enabling them to scale up their product from small landfills in France to expand to seventeen WAGABOX® units, secure contracts with major waste management companies and local authorities, with ongoing expansion across the USA, Canada, France, and Spain. 

Working with Bryan Garnier for the IPO was a fast track to success according to Waga’s co-founder Mathieu Lefebvre. Bryan Garnier notably played a crucial role in convincing the board that Waga Energy was IPO ready. 

Waga Energy’s destination is crystal clear; they’ve already saved more than 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, but they’re just getting started. 

Join us on this captivating journey and experience how Bryan Garnier, the world’s leading independent full-service investment bank for European healthcare and technology-led companies, contributes to shaping a sustainable future, by partnering with companies like Waga Energy. Bryan Garnier’s commitment to long-term success, deep industry knowledge, and global perspective enable companies to accelerate their growth and make a lasting impact. 

Watch this episode of BG Growth Series to learn about Waga’s growth journey and IPO experience.