In a recent BSMART episode, BG IRIS Analyst Paul Charpentier delved into the fluctuating valuations of key players on the European payments sector over the past two years and the challenges they face in 2024. The discussion highlighted the harsh reality check faced by prominent payment companies, signalling a shift from being perceived as Fintech “darlings” to commodities on the stock market.

The European payments sector faces multifaceted challenges requiring strategic adaptations to navigate through the evolving landscape. In the current context of shifting consumer behaviours, regulatory changes, and technological advancements, the sector’s resilience and ability to innovate will determine its trajectory in 2024 and beyond.

Key topics in the interview include:

  • The evolving landscape and current trends, such as joint ventures between Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and banks
  • Cybersecurity as a key focal point for payment players
  • Speculative mergers in the payments sector
  • Upcoming market trends and attractive investment perspectives

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Watch the full video with English subtitles here: