The B2B telecom market offers highly attractive growth opportunities. As corporates digitalize, their migration to new technologies and services is opening the door for challengers and outsiders to grab market share from incumbents.

Current valuations in the B2B telecom sector are high comparable with software, but they reflect strong growth profiles and high levels of recurring revenue. M&A is set to continue as investors look for recurring revenue and growth. At the same time, all B2B operators are seeking to accelerate their development, gain scale in distribution or with their services portfolio, and seize the growth opportunities presented by technology transformation.

In this paper we look at the main trends that are shaping the B2B telecom market and driving a wave of consolidation and M&A. We explore how technologies such as VoIP, unified communications, fibre and SD-WAN are challenging legacy services and providers, and opening opportunities for the smaller players. And we describe the valuations and the drivers for M&A in the sector and discuss the strategy of different players, from incumbents to local “outsiders”.

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