The aging population is opening up opportunities for businesses to provide new models of care.

In Europe, the number of people aged 80+ is expected to double in the coming five decades. Throughout the world, the demand for senior care solutions already outstrips supply. At the same time, seniors are looking beyond traditional nursing homes towards solutions that enable them to live at home for longer.

COVID-19, unprecedented in its scale and brutality, has accelerated the need to transform senior care. In these extraordinary circumstances, senior care operators have mobilized to ensure continuity of care and protect the elderly population. Using expertise gained in the management of annual epidemic crises such as flu or gastroenteric illness, they have thus far been able to manage patients from the very first cases. But this new crisis, which requires drastic containment to protect the most fragile, highlights the urgent need to deploy technologies such as IoT in institutions as well as in homes. It is the spur for these new technologies to take off without delay.

This paper examines alternative models for elderly care that focus on home-based solutions and take advantage of recent technology innovations. We also profile some of the providers in this fast-evolving sector.

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