Acquisition of Metalliset Group

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September 2015 – Acquisition of Metalliset Group

About the deal

In 2015 Bryan, Garnier & Co advised Hanza Holding in its acquisition of Metalliset Group, a parent company in an international manufacturing group with a turnover of 375 MSEK and an EBITDA of 45 MSEK.

Metalliset will be a valuable addition to Hanza Group AB existing mechanical division and both the firms will work towards their expansion. The acquisition will enable Hanza Group AB to create a profitable and financially stable group. Metalliset Oy’s customers will benefit from new possibilities created as a result of the integration with complete manufacturing facility and manufacturing solutions of Hanza Group AB.

Deal team

Adalsteinn Johannsson | Partner | Reykjavik | Investment Banking |

About Hanza Group

Hanza Group AB is a listed Swedish company providing design, material sourcing, manufacturing, industrialization, and logistics services. The company operates primarily as a holding company with interests in the mechanics and electronics industry in Sweden. The company, with registered head office located in Sweden, was incorporated in January 2008. As a holding company, it is active in the ownership of enough voting stock in other companies to control management and operations by influencing or electing their board of directors.The company’s subsidiaries include Hanza AB, one of the leading complete contract manufacturers in the Nordic countries in mechanics (sheet metal and machining), electronics and cabling.

About Metalliset Group

The company is a Finland based enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sale of fabricated structural metal products. It operates its business primarily in the domestic market. The company was incorporated in the year 1989. Its registered business office is based in Heinavesi, Finland.The company comprises its business activities in fabricating iron and steel and other metal products for structural purposes, such as bridges, buildings, and sections for ships, boats, and barges. It is also involved in the manufacture of metal doors, sash, frames, molding, and trim.

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