Founded in 2014, Quality Insurance Services (QIS) is a back-office insurance platform designed to manage the complete lifecycle of life insurance contracts from client data and claims to cash flow management and regulatory maintenance.

In the context of strong growth, QIS recognized the need to benefit from the support of a major insurance company.

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About QIS

QIS provides life insurance companies and brokers with an independent management platform for their insurance contracts. Founded in 2014, QIS has expertise in the life insurance market and an extensive network acquired through its experienced management team displaying 20 years of presence in the industry. QIS has proven its flexibility by offering custom publishing and a broad range of services to its clients on product creation (a wide array of contracts, management, multi-media, etc.).

About CNP Assurances

CNP Assurances is the leading personal insurer in France with net profits of €1.285 billion in 2017. The Group is active in Europe and Latin America, with its secondary market strongly positioned in Brazil. It has more than 38 million personal protection policyholders worldwide and over 14 million in savings and pension plans. Insurer, co-insurer and reinsurer, CNP Assurances designs innovative retirement and savings solutions. They are distributed by many partners and are adapted to their distribution modes, from physical networks to platforms that are 100% online, and the needs of customers in each country. CNP Assurances has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since October 1998 and relies on a stable shareholder base (the Caisse des Dépôts, La Banque Postale, the BPCE Group and the French state).

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