Founded in 2012, Unifly NV is the leading global provider of unmanned traffic management (UTM) software for tracking and management of drones alongside commercial aviation.

Unifly has won national level contracts with the air navigation service providers (ANSPs) of Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Austria, and is the selected provider in several US regions including the pioneering NuAir North Eastern drones flight corridor. Unifly is a selected technology provider under US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) programs.

Growing deployment of drones gives rise to predictable challenges around safety, security and privacy, as highlighted by recent drone disruptions around Gatwick, Newark and Frankfurt airports. The legislation is rapidly coming into place, with European countries mandated to select a UTM provider by 2020.

This funding round will enable Unifly to continue building its world-leading capabilities, grow its international presence and secure additional contracts in the global UTM ‘land grab’. Future markets could be even larger, with the rise of air taxis, integration between autonomous cars and drones, and with drone UTM software being used for traditional aircraft as they become increasingly automated.

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Founded in 2012, Unifly is the leading provider of UTM software worldwide, enabling the tracking and management of drones alongside commercial aviation in order to provide visibility on where drones can fly, request and provide flight approvals, manage potential conflicts and implement regulations including no-fly zones. Unifly is based in Antwerp, Belgium.

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