Founded in 2001, Vanksen is a digital-native agency with expertise in social media, SEO, social data and e-reputation, strategic consulting and digital implementation.

With proactive management from CEO and co-founder Xavier Lesueur and support from Quilvest Private Equity, Vanksen has strengthened its business in digital expertise, adding customer loyalty, data and user experience departments and opening agencies in Paris, Metz, Bordeaux and Brussels.

Vanksen operates in 4 countries through 6 agencies and has developed a diversified, loyal customer base of around 160 organizations, including blue-chip companies and SMEs who are all leading players in their respective market.

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About Vanksen

Vanksen is a digital-native agency with proven expertise in digital and web marketing services. Through its ability to understand, manage and optimize the potential of digital media to reach audiences, Vanksen has become a strategic partner for solving its clients’ communication challenges. Established for over 15 years, Vanksen has 6 agencies – in Luxembourg, Paris, Metz, Bordeaux, Geneva and Brussels - 160 customers, and 90 employees specialized in marketing and digital communication.

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About Datawords

Founded in 2000, Datawords is specialized in optimizing, updating and ensuring the seamless deployment of international digital campaigns, adapting communications to each country while respecting a brand’s international image. Datawords has presences in European, Asia and the US, leveraging the multiculturalism of its 500 employees, who represent 40 nationalities and speak 50 different languages.

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