Formed in 2017 as a spin-off from Xerox, Conduent Inc. (NYSE : CNDT) is one of the world’s largest providers of diversified business process outsourcing services (BPO) with leading capabilities in transaction processing, automation and analytics.

Considered as non-core for Conduent since its separation from Xerox, the company has agreed to carve-out its off-street and airport parking business in France, the United Kingdom and the United States to Andera Partners (Ex- Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners) and the company’s management.

The divested business designs based in three geographies, installs and maintains comprehensive car-park ticketing solutions. The business has generated EUR37 million in 2017 and counts 150 employees in its three offices. It serves worldwide blue-chip customers (car-park operators), municipalities and airports.

The business already benefits from a leading position in France (c. 40% market share) and continues its fast international expansion, notably in emerging markets through local distributors.

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About Conduent

Conduent is the world's largest provider of diversified business services with leading capabilities in transaction processing, automation and analytics. The group offers digital payments, claims processing, benefit administration, automated tolling, customer care and distributed learning services to a large and diverse client base composed of most of the Fortune 100 companies and over 500 government entities.

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About Andera Partners

Andera Partners (formerly known as Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners) is a leading management-owned Private Equity fund investing in unlisted companies in France and internationally. It manages more than EUR2 billion investments in small and mid-cap companies in growth capital and buyout (through Cabestan Capital and Winch Capital), Healthcare & Life Sciences (through BioDiscovery) and provides sponsorless mezzanine debt support (with ActoMezz).

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