Founded in 1997, Explore is the leading provider of B2B data analytics and Commercial Real Estate information in France.

The company provides behavioural and descriptive data on companies’ strategic developments, ongoing and future construction projects, regional economic trends and transactions to help B2B services, retail and construction companies as well as real estate developers make the right investments and foster their growth.

Explore uses artificial intelligence and data science to analyse and collect information which is further validated by a team of industry experts. It has developed a state-of-the-art data intelligence SaaS platform including proprietary GIS and graph visualisation and provides specific data APIs for seamless integration within companies’ CRM system.

With more than 1,300 customers and an uninterrupted growth track record, following inbound interest from strategics, Explore’s co-founders retained Bryan, Garnier & Co to consider the best strategic options for the company.

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About Explore

Founded in 1997, Explore is the leading provider of B2B data analytics with a particular focus on Building & Commercial Real Estate (CRE) in France. The company collects, organizes and sells data on companies, markets, construction projects, properties, strategic events, public tenders and territories. With more than 1,300 clients, Explore adds value to data by proposing tailor-made solutions of data visualization, geomatics and data intelligence. The company is located in Nantes and led by its co-founders.

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