Founded in 2009, Recommerce Group is the pioneer in refurbished smartphones sale and buyback solutions in Europe.

By giving a second life to smartphones, the company addresses one of the most important environmental challenges of the digital economy, in a market which is growing by more than 30% a year.

The company refurbishes more than 60,000 smartphones per-month using a highly advanced software platform, combining cutting-edge yield management and workflow solutions, with unique artificial intelligence capacities.

With a Pan-European footprint, Recommerce Group is working and dealing with renowned international retailers and tier-1 mobile network operators.

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About Recommerce

RECOMMERCE GROUP is the sector expert of sale, refurbishment and buyback of second hand smartphones. It gives second life to smartphones using innovative and advanced proprietary technologies from buyback to resale. Recommerce Group has the most comprehensive and technological market approach enabling the company to propose a wide range of premium quality products under its own brand: Recommerce, as well as web and shops buyback solutions and dedicated services to mobile second life. The group is an international company working and dealing with renown European retailers and MNOs in France, Switzerland and Spain.

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About Capzanine

Created in 2004, Capzanine is an independent investment fund specialized in mixed “equity and private debt” investment. It supports companies in their growth while providing financial and industrial expertise to successfully carry out development and transfer phases. Depending on the circumstances, Capzanine invests as a majority or minority shareholder and/or private debt provider in small and mid-cap non-listed companies, valued between €20m and €400m. Based in Paris and managed by its partners, Capzanine currently has €1.1bn in assets under management. Its portfolio includes investments such as Francheville, Cap Vert Finance, Questel, Carrera, Marle, Opteven, Neoxam and Le Belier.

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Investment Banking

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