Sword APAK, a subsidiary of Sword Group, is a leading global provider of software solutions across the wholesale finance value chain.

With more than 250 employees, Sword APAK serves banks and captives (lending subsidiaries). The company operates globally, with offices in the UK, the US, France and Australia.

Sword APAK front-to-back suite is primarily deployed as full application service provider (ASP).

The sale to Sopra Banking Software will support Sword APAK’s global growth and generate synergies with Cassiopae, which operates in the same industry.

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About Sword APAK

Sword APAK has been developing and implementing global software solutions for over 35 years. Its market-leading, web-based Wholesale Floorplanning System (WFS) offers functionality to major financial institutions worldwide and has been designed to reduce the cost of running a floorplanning operation by automating vehicle funding processes. The firm has around 250 employees across 5 different locations: Bristol, Newbury (UK), Paris, Alpharetta (USA) and Melbourne, serving over 100 clients worldwide. Prior to the transaction, Sword APAK was part of Sword Group, an international consulting, services and software company driving global leaders in their digital & technology transformation.

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About Sopra Banking Software

Founded 40 years ago, Sopra Banking Software is a banking software vendor and a major digital player. Its solutions support nearly 800 banks in 70 countries with the objective to accompany banks in their development and their international strategy via a long-term partnership approach. To deliver these services, the company is reinforced by the expertise of more than 3,500 employees. Within Sopra Banking Software, Cassiopae is a finance and asset management software provider with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Sopra Banking Software is part of Sopra Steria Group, a European IT services company listed on Euronext Paris.

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