Founded in 2016, Kayrros is the leading advanced energy and environmental geo-analytics company that helps traders, investors, operators and governments make better decisions. Kayrros extracts value from the integration of alternative and market data into unique solutions and customer-specific product offerings while measuring environmental impact and delivering insight into climate and energy-transition risk

Kayrros integrates satellite imagery, alternative data and market information on its platform to deliver customer-specific solutions for decision-making in the energy, natural resource and industrial markets, while empowering governments, companies and investment markets to reduce environmental emissions and navigate climate and energy-transition risks

This funding round will enable Kayrros to further provide organizations and governments the critical data sets they need to optimize operations, achieve their sustainability goals, and tackle the climate challenge

About Kayrros

Kayrros is the leading advanced data analytics company that helps market players make better decisions. The company delivers deep insight notably on climate and energy-transition risk and extracts value from integrating alternative and market data into its platform, addressing global energy, environmental, and industrial markets. Founded in 2016, Kayrros operates globally with offices across Europe, North America, and Asia. It benefits from a strong technology team of 150 experts including more than 100 MSc and 20-plus PhDs and backed by partnerships with world-class research institutions in data science, modelling, mathematics, and game theory.

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